How to Handle an Accident or Fender Bender

Here are some tips if you are involved in an accident or fender bender:

If it’s a serious wreck, call 911. Even if the damage does not seem significant, we recommend calling the police department for claim and insurance purposes. Make sure everyone is okay, then if it is safe, move your vehicle out of the way of traffic. Exchange information with the other driver, full name, phone number and insurance details. Take photos and document the locations, road condition, and any details relevant to the scene of the accident.  

If the other driver refuses to stop and you are unable to receive any information, try to remember the vehicle color, make, and model and details from the scene to report to the police. If you have questions on how to handle the accident or claim information, please call us today.


Our services include assisting in third party negations in handling the loss, this includes diminished values, comparative negligence, A/C/V evaluations, Liability perspective,  Locus reports, right to appraisal clause, and depreciation and betterment reimbursements, and upon request, we are independent insurance appraisers.  We have State of Connecticut licensed Auto Physical damage appraisers on staff. We can assist in the claims process.